The EAA Girsan MC P35 PI Line Gets a New Lightweight Model

Earlier this year, EAA and Girsan channeled the Browning Hi-Power with its own High Power MC P35 PI (below). The MC P35 PI (Private Investigator) delivered a compact-sized steel Hi-Power with a steel frame. And now, the company has decided to make it more concealed carry friendly with its new lightweight model.

The EAA Girsan High Power MC P35 PI Lightweight

Featuring an alloy metal frame, the MC P35 PI Lightweight strips away a half pound while maintaining a metal frame. As a result, the pistol is more carry-friendly than ever and remains comfortable during courses of fire.

Like the original, all variants come optic-ready and accommodate RMS and RMSc footprint optics. Similarly, a fiber-optic front sight couples with the optic plate-mounted rear sight. In addition, textured G10 grips ensure positive retention of the compact pistol, while the extended beavertail reduces slide bite.

(Photo by EAA Corp.)

Chambered in 9mm, rounds are sent downrange through the 3.88-inch barrel via a flat-faced trigger. Providing a positive experience for both right- and left-handed shooters, the Lightweight includes fully ambidextrous safety controls. Ideal for concealed carry, the pistol features a capacity of 15+1.

Similar to the original, the Lightweight is also available in four variants, including a Two-Tone Tungsten or all-black finish, with or without a rail (OPS or MATCH).

However, if you are looking to step up the aesthetics a bit, Davidson’s is also offering an exclusive variant of the OPS model. Davidson’s variant is finished in shimmering silver cerakote and has checkered walnut grips.

The Davidson’s model fetches a slightly higher MSRP than the base models, at $799.99.

The EAA Girsan High Power MC P35 PI Lightweight.
(Photo by Davidson’s Inc.)

“EAA Corp and Girsan have come together to create a pistol that offers unmatched performance, versatility, and comfort for concealed carry,” said Chase Duffey, National Sales and Imports Manager at EAA Corp. “The MCP35 PI LW is a game-changer, and we are excited to introduce it to firearms enthusiasts who demand the best. I think if John Browning was around today he would give us a Thumbs Up for the MCP35 PI LW”


The EAA Girsan MC P35 PI Lightweight is available now with MSRPs of $749.00 – $772.00, depending on the finish. For more info, please visit EAACorp.com or DavidsonsInc.com.

EAA Girsan MC P35 PI Lightweight Specs

Finish Two-Tone
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 15+1
Barrel Length 3.88 inches
Overall Length 7.5 inches
Weight 1.34 pounds
MSRP $749.00 – $772.00

To learn more about the original MC P35 PI, please read the details below.

On February 8, 2023, Tactical Life reported:

Once not so long ago, we all thought the Browning Hi-Power was dead. In 2018, Browning announced the end of FN-produced Hi-Power production, marking the end of a remarkable era in pistols. But then a funny thing happened. The shooting public and gun nerds everywhere willed it back into production. Soon FN and Springfield Armory began cranking out Hi-Powers once more. So, too, did Girsan, imported by EAA. Now the EAA Girsan MC P35 PI brings a new twist on the classic that just won’t go gentle into that good night.

EAA Girsan MC P35 PI Details

EAA might just be doing more to keep the Hi-Power alive as any company. It now imports five different variants based on the Hi-Power design, including the MC P35 Match/OPS, Gold Engraved, an OPS Optic and the original MC P35. Now the MC P35 PI joins the fold, bringing a compact-size steel pistol on a steel frame.

The EAA Girsan MC P35 PI Pistol.

The MC P35 PI (Private Investigator) brings a classically-styled version of the Hi-Power. This one comes with a 3.88-inch barrel, ambidextrous safety and traditional, three-dot sights. A compact configuration, the MCP 35 PI owns traits suitable for a wide range of usage, including duty to concealed carry. It should comprise a highly shootable platform as well. You could target shoot or use as a bedside gun with equal confidence.

“Not only did Girsan find a way to make the already popular MCP35 family of handguns easier to carry but they have found another great market for our retailers to capitalize on,” said Chase Duffey, National Sales & Import Manager at EAA Corp. “We’ve already seen a huge demand for the more compact MCP35 PI.”

The new variant exhibits a matte black finish, upon a steel frame. The staggered, double-stack magazine delivers a 15+1 overall capacity, in 9mm. EAA claims the pistol delivers exceptional accuracy. A slim trigger, ring hammer, and windage-adjustable drift sight rounds out the package.

The MCP 35 PI retails for $630. For even more info, please visit eaacorps.com.

EAA Girsan MC P35 PI Specs

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Frame Size: Carry-Size Pistol
  • Sights: 3-Dot Sight System
  • Frame: All-Steel Construction
  • Safety: Ambidextrous
  • Barrel: 3.88 inches
  • Finish: Blue/Black
  • Overall Capacity: 15+1
  • Overall Length: 6.25 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • MSRP: $630

Editor’s Take:

The Hi-Power just continues to be the little engine that could. A seminal design with its double-stack 9mm magazine, you could argue the design is dated when compared to many of the newer 9mm pistols on the market. That’s fair. But the steel-framed Hi-Power remains a shooter. And we hope it never goes away again.

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