The EOTECH OGL (On-Gun Laser) Features IR and Visible Lasers

Branching out from its typical optics platforms, EOTECH offers its OGL (On-Gun Laser). Although it is not the company’s first divergence from optics, it is its first Laser Aiming Module. Offering both an IR and visible laser with a built-in IR illuminator, the OGL is designed for easy operation.

The EOTECH OGL (On-Gun Laser)

Constructed of an all-aluminum housing, the OGL promises extreme durability for hard-use applications. Additionally, the compact size is similar to the footprint of a standard deck of playing cards (approximately 3.5 inches long and 2 inches wide). Similarly, lightening channels throughout the housing help keep the OGL to a lightweight 7 ounces.

The OGL features both a visible green and IR aiming laser with a shared optical bench. As a result, zeroing the vertically stacked, co-aligned lasers is simple and only requires a single adjustment for both. Correspondingly, windage and elevation adjustments are made in 0.2 mRAD per click with a 50 mRAD total.

Featuring a built-in IR illuminator, the OGL utilizes a top throw lever to adjust the illuminator divergence. As a result, users can manipulate the illuminator with just the thumb on the support hand. This allows adjustments from ~5 mRAD to ~115 mRAD for a close-range flood or long-range spot.

The lasers and illuminator feature lens covers that provide diffusion or pattern generators. Correspondingly, both covers can be rotated to the side for undisturbed beams.

A large button on the top of the housing provides tactile operation even in the dark. A single press provides momentary on while a double click provides constant on operation. Likewise, at the rear of the housing is an industry-standard remote jack that takes most PTT (pigtail switches) or hot buttons. Additionally, a switch on the rear of the housing allows you to switch between laser functions.

(Photo by EOTECH)

The OGL operates on a single CR123 battery and provides up to 9 hours of continuous runtime.


The standard power (MIL/LE) version will be available to law enforcement agencies in Q4 of 2023, with an MSRP of $2,199.00. However, the company also plans a version for the public with a less powerful laser in 2024. The OGL will be available in your choice of FDE or Gray models. For more info, please visit EOTECHInc.com.

EOTECH On-Gun Laser (OGL) Features

The EOTECH OGL (On-Gun Laser).
(Photo by EOTECH)
  • Standard power (MIL/LE) mode
  • All aluminum housing for extreme durability
  • Similar in size to a deck of cards
  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Shared optical bench for visible green and IR aiming lasers
  • Illuminator variable beam divergence: ~5 mRAD to ~115 mRAD
  • 0.2 mRAD windage and elevation adjustments, 50 mRAD total
  • Crane Standard PTT receptacle
  • Modlite ModButton Lite 7″ switch included
  • Tethered protective caps/patterne generators
  • MSRP: $2,199.00

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