The Ranger Point Precision Henry X: A Tactical Cowboy Review

I will just be 100 percent transparent with you all, I am a tactical rifle kind of guy writing an article about a lever-action rifle. However, the first time I picked up my first Henry lever gun, I immediately fell in love with the action. Something about throwing that lever is just cool in its own way. But could it be cooler? When you apply Ranger Point Precision parts to your Henry X, the answer is yes.

The Ranger Point Precision Henry X Build

I do love the look of lever guns, but have always thought they were missing that tactical ability. In theory, a lever-action rifle can be nearly as fast as a semi-auto with the right shooter behind it. And the design really makes a fantastic defense rifle.

Most people don’t think of lever actions when they consider modern self-defense rifles. Mostly because most people look at them as 1800s lawman guns. They mostly have wood furniture, and they just look dated and old.

Henry tried to change that a little bit with their X-model rifles. But the guns were still missing that tactical look and feel to someone like myself who really enjoys scaring the anti-gunners with a mere photo of the big, scary black guns.

Another pretty awesome point about lever-action rifles is you can still own them in places like New York and California because they don’t look “scary.”

Fortunately, a small company called Ranger Point Precision is making some incredible parts. Thus making it possible to transform that old, humdrum lever gun into your liberal neighbor’s worst nightmare.

Beyond The X

The Henry X rifles, to be fair, are pretty damn good right out of the box. And some consider them to be fairly tactical from the factory. The polymer furniture with a small Picatinny rail and an M-Lok slot in the forend for accessories, as well as the factory threaded barrel, scream modern rifle.

However, my .357 Magnum version still just didn’t do it for me. It needed more. This is where Ranger Point Precision came in. I ordered nearly every part Ranger Point makes for the Henry rifles.

Obviously, the big changes were the buttstock and handguard. I ordered those both in Sniper Green to achieve the look I was going for against the black receiver and barrel.

All the Ranger Point Precision parts are machined with extremely tight tolerances and come in a variety of Cerakote colors. Pictured is their Sniper Green option.

The M-Lok handguard allows you to place M-Lok accessories anywhere on the handguard. This allows you to easily mount lights, lasers, bipods, hand stops or any other accessories you want.

Ranger Point Precision handguards are extremely lightweight, well machined, look just badass, and function flawlessly on any lever gun.

Updating the Henry X’s Buttstock

To match the looks and functionality of the handguard, I picked up the Ranger Point’s aluminum buttstock as well. The buttstock is adjustable and sports a Dead Blow recoil pad that cuts down felt recoil. You get more M-Lok slots on the bottom of the buttstock, as well as multiple QD mounting points and a built-in swivel on the bottom.

Ranger Point Precision’s buttstocks offer multiple M-LOK mounting options and aluminum quivers that integrate perfectly with the overall design.

Ranger Point also makes aluminum quivers that mount to proprietary plates, which fit right into the sides of the buttstock. The plates add an M-Lok mounting spot. So, if you didn’t want to run a quiver you could mount any M-Lok accessory on them.

I love the quivers, though. They attach to any M-Lok attachment point. Like the rest of Ranger Point Precision’s parts, they look awesome. And they hold rounds very well using a proprietary O-ring retention system.

I added two quivers to my rifle, one on the stock and the other on the handguard. There is also a cheek riser option if you need a little more adjustment.

The aluminum quivers from Ranger Point Precision have an O-ring system that holds rounds tight but still allows for quick and easy deployment for reloading the Henry X.

Everything Down to the Takedown Screw

I also picked up a Ranger Point Precision Quick Lever Takedown Screw. They have a whole mess of options for that takedown screw. I grabbed a pretty basic one that just says .357 Magnum on it. It’s not too flashy but still is noticeable when looking at the gun.

The big thing with the takedown screw is functionality. This allows you to remove the lever and bolt without any tools for cleaning, maintenance, or a dreaded lever malfunction.

I also added a quick detach buttstock takedown screw. It’s a screw that replaces the factory screw holding your stock on. It has a slot that should fit any coin to be able to easily break it free if you can’t grip the knurling.

I didn’t really see a need for that quick takedown screw. But it is nice to be able to remove your stock quickly for transport, storage, and concealment. It takes a scant 15 seconds to remove the stock or replace it with that screw installed.

Glass And More

I wanted to run a scope on my Henry. So, naturally, I went to Leupold and grabbed a Leupold Patrol 6HD scope to mount on top using the Ranger Point RHINO 5-inch Picatinny rail and some Leupold scope mounts.

The author needed a scope that was lightweight, good looking and tough to take the abuse of the lever action Ranger Point Precision Henry X. The Leupold Patrol 6HD fit the bill perfectly.

One issue I ran into was that with a scope you lose the ability to utilize your hammer. Well, Ranger Point has a solution for that problem as well with its ambidextrous hammer spur extension.

The Hammer Spur Extension is attractive, low profile, and provides enough texture to safely manipulate your hammer. Plus, it was super easy to install, just like all the other parts.

One of the best features of the standard Henry X is the factory-threaded barrel. Ranger Point had me covered up front as well with a very attractive Comet muzzle brake. The Comet muzzle brake reduces recoil and muzzle flash by approximately 25 percent and installs without any tools. The muzzle brake combined with the buttstock makes the .357 Magnums feel like a .22 LRs.

Suppressing the Henry X

One day, I walked into my favorite gun shop, Not Just Guns, in Mason, Michigan, to show the owner my new Henry build.

Mike loved it but said, “Step into my office. I have something to show you.”

He proceeded to hand me his lever gun, which was also tricked out. The first thing I noticed was a small suppressor upfront. I love the muzzle brake, but naturally, I wanted to push the envelope after seeing that can on the front of Mike’s gun.

So, I reached out to GSL Technology Suppressors. Greg, the owner and mastermind behind all the GSL cans, was a bit reluctant to build another .357 can like the one he built Mike. But after a bit more persuasion, he decided to build the can for me. It’s possible that the can will even be on GSL’s production schedule in the future.

The custom GSL Technology Stealth Ti Suppressor keeps the lever gun quiet and is lightweight so you don’t even know the can is mounted when shooting.

Test Results

At the range, the Henry performed incredibly well and felt so good in my hands while shooting. The addition of that GSL Suppressor gave the gun a very good balance. Likewise, the ergonomics of all the Ranger Point Precision parts minimized movement of the lever gun while shooting.

With the muzzle brake installed, the gun shot incredibly flat as well. I love having the quivers right within reach for easy reloading, too and I was able to easily achieve sub-1-inch groups once I dialed in the Leupold.

I shot a few different .357 Magnum loads, including Hornady Custom 158-grain XTP, HSM 180-grain bear loads, and Federal American Eagle 158-grain target rounds. All rounds performed flawlessly and showed really no difference in accuracy.

Even with all the mods, the Big Boy X rifle exhibited all the positive qualities expected from Henry lever-action rifles. The action was smooth, reliable, and, of course, a lot of fun.

At the range, the Ranger Point Precision Henry X performed incredibly well and felt great in hand.

The side loading gate that Henry adds to the X models is definitely a welcome addition. With the Ranger Point Precision handguard installed, you can’t use the tube to load anymore. Unless you take the rod all the way out and drop loads in from the top, which is just a pain.

The gate makes things quicker anyway, and in a defensive situation, the gate is where you are loading from every time. I chose the .357 Magnum model Henry because the round does so well out of a carbine-length barrel. Not to mention, it is perfect for defense or hunting, which is what this gun’s purpose is within my collection.

Ready To Cowboy Up?

Clearly, this is the type of build that will either be loved or laughed at. Those of us in the tactical crowd will love the look and overall idea behind this build. However, if you are a purist, I am willing to bet you will cringe at the thought of doing this to a beautiful lever-action gun.

Either way, I think the addition of Ranger Point Precision parts creates a perfect blend of old school meets new school, and I love it.

For more information, please visit HenryUSA.com and RangerPointPrecision.com.

Ranger Point Precision Henry X Cost Breakdown

Henry Big Boy X Model in .357 Magnum: $950
Henry M-Lok Aluminum Handguard: $169
Henry M-Lok Aluminum Adjustable Butt Stock: $275
Accessory Panels (M-Lok and Flush Cups): $40
Henry Lever-Action Quick Detach Buttstock Takedown Screw: $40
Henry Hammer Spur Extensions (ambidextrous): $27
M-Lok .357 Mag./.38 Special Cartridge Quivers, Eight Rounds: $130
RHINO 5-inch Picatinny Rail Scope Mounts, Marlin & Henry Rifles: $40
Henry Rifle Comet Muzzle Brake: $99
GSL Technology Suppressors Stealth Ti: $785
TOTAL: $2,555

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2022 issue of Tactical Life magazine. Get your copy today at OutdoorGroupStore.com.

Picatinny rails on a lever gun make mounting optics easy. Fortunately, Ranger Point Precision has options for most lever guns like the Henry X.

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